The Picos Route

Saturday, February 8, 2020

To the Charlie & Ginger Cafe for brunch!

Some days, you need an incentive to get out of bed to cycle! Today's incentive included an invitation to brunch at the  Charlie & Ginger Cafe  in Leatherhead. More calories were consumed today than burned; Tom assures me this is how a true cyclist trains....๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿฅค

Nathan could not join us today as he was unwell. The day ended dramatically with a puncture on Tom's bike on Chipstead Valley Road which was not fixable and needed rescuing. We stayed calm and decided to use the 4th emergency service - aka Mum! The brunch was excellent; best not to talk about the ending...

Rest of our day was spent with Nathan's family booking accomodations in Spain. All we have to do now to get there is cycle, cycle, cycle.....! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜–

Destination: Charlie & Ginger Cafe, Leatherhead
Distance covered: 32 miles
Duration: 5 hours

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Wilson's School to Tulley's Farm.

Our Sunday ride today was to Tulley's Farm in West Sussex. Tulley's Farm is where the famous October Fright Fest happens every year. We have been there before and it was nice to be there again with our Big Brother, Dr Chris Vaz!

We cycled there, drank hot chocolate, ate a maltesers brownie (which was the highlight of my day despite the Frightening calories!) and cycled back home again.

Destination: Tulley's Farm, Crawley, West Sussex
Distance covered: 47.1 miles
Duration: 5.5 hours

Sunday, January 12, 2020

The cycling adventure begins again...

Welcome back to part two of my cycling adventures! Those of you who followed my last trip to Paris are probably wondering why I've decided to step foot on a bicycle again, but it's not like I get a vote in any of the decisions made in this house. Today I went on an  Anerley Cycling Club  ride to East Grinstead, home of the bluebell railway, and enjoyed many near death experiences with oncoming raging drivers combined with my shaky cycling skills on narrow roads. You can read the Anerley Cycling Club newsletter here -

Hopefully the cycling Gods will pity me and bless me with an easy trip from 'Wilson's to Spain'!

Destination: Wilson's School to East Grinstead.
Distance covered: 43 miles
Duration: 5.5 hours